Gender reveal parties are a new trend. They’ve exploded in popularity in recent years.

A decade ago, nobody had heard about gender reveal parties. Now, some people get invited to multiple gender reveal parties a year.

The fact that gender reveal parties are new leads to an obvious problem: nobody really knows about the etiquette of a gender reveal party. What are the rules? Who should you invite? Do men and women go to gender reveal parties? Or is it an all-female affair – like a traditional baby shower?

Today, we’re answering the question of whether or not gender reveal parties are for females only.

Baby Showers Are Traditionally Female-Only, But Gender Reveal Parties Are for Everyone

This is the simplest answer to the question at the top of this page.

Typically, baby showers are for females only. It’s a traditionally all-female affair. Men aren’t banned from going to baby showers – but they don’t usually get invited.

Gender reveal parties, on the other hand, are for everyone. Male and female friends and relatives are invited to a gender reveal party – not just females.

If you make your gender reveal party an all-female event, people could be insulted. The grandfather might want to know if he’s having a grandson or granddaughter, for example, as much as any female relative wants to know the gender of your baby.

Gender Reveal Parties Have a Different Crowd Than Baby Showers

There is typically a difference between the people at a gender reveal party and the people at a baby shower – and it’s not just their gender.

Typically, gender reveal parties are for close friends and close family. You might invite your parents, your in-laws, and one or two best friends, for example.

To be honest, a lot of your friends will be happy to learn the gender of your baby through your inevitable Facebook post. People don’t always want to spend a spare Saturday afternoon waiting 2 hours to hear if you’re having a boy or girl – especially if those people aren’t close to you. That’s why many people only invite close friends to a gender reveal party.

A baby shower, on the other hand, is traditionally for a larger group of women – like your female relatives, your mother, your mother-in-law, and any close female friends you might have.

Different People Do It In Different Ways

Traditions change over time. In recent years, it’s become more common for men to receive invites to baby showers.

And, at the same time, some groups of friends continue to insist that gender reveal parties are exclusively for females.

There’s no “right” answer to the question at the top of this page. It’s your child – and that child will be raised how you want he or she to be raised. You shouldn’t give in to peer pressure, or follow what other people are doing. If you want an all-female team at your gender reveal party, then that’s okay. In most cases, however, gender reveal parties are not an all-female event: they’re an event for everyone.

No, Gender Reveal Parties Are Not Typically Only for Females

Your close friends and relatives will want to know the gender of your baby as soon as possible. They’ll want to know the gender of your baby regardless of whether they’re a man or woman.

Typically, gender reveal parties are for everyone – men and women.

Baby showers, on the other hand, are typically for females only.

If you’re having a combination party, where you combine a gender reveal with a baby shower, then you can go either direction: it’s up to you what feels most comfortable based on your family and group of friends.

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