One of the most exciting parts of a gender reveal party is the food. Expectant parents make all sorts of creative food for gender reveal parties – from cakes to appetizers and everything in between.

Today, we’re sharing the best gender reveal food ideas that are popular at today’s parties – including foods you can use to announce the gender of your baby, and gender-themed foods you can serve at your party before the big reveal.

The Classic Cake

Cakes are always popular for gender reveals. A cake is relatively straightforward to make – and even if you don’t bake, you can probably find a nearby baker.

Revealing a gender through a cake is straightforward: you cover the cake with blue and pink icing on the outside (or a neutral color). Then, the inside of the cake is filled with blue or pink frosting or color. When you cut into the cake, you can see the baby’s gender.

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Cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops are all popular gender reveal food ideas. You can find thousands of examples on Instagram, Pinterest, and baby forums online.

Ice Cream

Serve blue and pink ice cream at your party. It’s easy to find both flavors in your local supermarket.

You can easily make a reveal with ice cream. At some reveals, the couples will both serve themselves an ice cream cone. One will be holding a cone with pink ice cream, while the other will be holding a cone with blue ice cream. They’ll drop one cone on the ground, then eat the other one. Or, you can both hold an ice cream cone with ice cream, then turn around to face the guests at your party with the correct-colored ice cream in hand.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy isn’t easy to make at home, but someone might have a cotton candy maker near you. Cotton candy often comes in blue or pink colors, making it an ideal companion for a gender reveal party.

You can hand guests at your party blue or pink cotton candy based on their best guess, for example. Or, just take a social media photo where you’re holding blue or pink cotton candy.

Hershey’s Bar Reveals

This gender reveal idea is unique. I don’t know who the original source is, but you can find images for the reveal on Janelle Andersen Photography. You get two Hershey’s Bars, then color in the letters “HE” in blue and “SHE” in pink on the two different bars. Both parents hold a bar, then you reveal which bar is associated with your baby’s gender. You can bite into the bar, hold up a bar, or just use one bar to reveal the gender.

You can see this option at gender reveal parties as well: you color the Hershey’s Bars before guests arrive, then lay them out on the table for guests to eat.

Bubble Gum

This is another creative gender reveal food idea – although both parents will need to know how to blow a bubble with gum (hey, not everybody can do it!).

You grab a piece of blue and pink gum, and each of you blows a big bubble. One partner pops the other’s bubble to reveal the gender of the baby. You can do this in front of a gender reveal party, or as part of a series of photos for social media.

Best Foods for your Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Parties typically have food. Party food usually has a gendered theme. Even if the food isn’t specifically revealing the gender of your baby, it typically comes with blue and pink coloring. It’s the stuff people eat before you reveal your baby’s gender. Some ideas for these parties include:

  • Fruit or snacks dipped in blue or pink frosting (strawberries, pretzels, etc.)
  • Deviled eggs died blue or pink
  • Cupcakes with blue or pink icing on top
  • Cookies with blue or pink frosting
  • Vegetables with blue or pink dip (add blue food coloring to ranch dressing, for example, or use salmon cream cheese)

You get the idea: pretty much any food can be turned into a “gender reveal’ theme with a bit of food coloring and creativity.

Don’t Forget About Drinks


Whether you’re making alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks – or both – you have plenty of options for good drinks at your gender reveal party.

A colored fruit punch is easy to make. Use blue or pink soda (like cream soda) and mix it with fruit juices, for example. You could even add flavorless food coloring to water. Jones Soda can also be spotted at quite a few gender reveal parties, because they offer unique flavors and colors.

In terms of alcohol, you have a few different options. Beers like Blue Moon, Labatt Blue, and Bud Light all come in distinctive blue bottles or cans, for example, and are very popular at gender reveal parties. You can also make cocktails using ingredients like blue curacao. Again, if you’re having trouble coming up with something, you can add blue food coloring to just about anything – like a bottle of vodka.

On the pink side of things, you can make a cosmopolitan, pour rose wine, or make spritzers with pink food coloring. Coolers and wine coolers are also popular options for pink beverages.

Whether you’re revealing your baby’s gender through food, or you’re just looking for the best foods for your gender reveal party, the tips listed above will help you get started.


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