What do you do at a gender reveal party? How can you keep guests entertained? What kinds of activities should you plan? Today, we’re explaining some of the most popular – and most unique – gender reveal party activity ideas.

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Yes, You Should Have Activities

If you’ve gone to the trouble of hosting a gender reveal party, then you should take a few minutes to setup some basic activities.

You don’t have to plan some extravagant scavenger hunt. At the basic end of things, some people play beer pong at gender reveal parties (using pink or blue plastic cups, of course). Other times, people just have a guessing game where you drop your guess into a jar to win a prize.

You don’t have to have activities at your gender reveal party. But it’s an easy way to keep guests entertained.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best activities for gender reveal parties. 

Guessing Games

Guessing games are easy and popular. Many gender reveal parties have a guessing game. Sometimes, you just write your guess on a piece of paper and place it in a jar.

Other times, guessing games are more extravagant. You might go to a “polling station” and “cast your vote” for a baby boy or baby girl.

At many parties, the guessing game involves a prize. Guests write their names on the piece of paper, then get a prize if they correctly guess.

Sometimes, guest votes aren’t private: some gender reveal parties have a chalkboard where guests mark down whether they think it’s a boy or girl. It’s an interesting way for everyone to see where the preferences lie.

If you want to make things interesting, have guests chip in money with their guess. Ask guests to add a $1 bill or $5 bill, for example, then give the pot away to a lucky winner at the end of the party.

Baby Name Guessing Games

Sometimes, gender reveal parties are also name reveal parties. At some parties, parents will have a guessing station where you “guess our number one name” for their baby boy or girl. If you guess the name correctly, you can win a prize.

Colored Beverages

After guests cast their vote for a baby boy or baby girl, you can give them a pink or blue-colored beverage to carry around the party. It’s a good ice breaker – and a good way to see who’s on which team.

Balloon Reveals

Balloon reveals are very common at gender reveal parties. Sometimes, balloon reveals are as easy as opening a box filled with helium balloons, then letting blue or pink balloons fly into the air.

There’s one fun balloon-related activity, however, that you may wish to have at your party. You can fill up lots of balloons with helium, but fill only one balloon with blue or pink confetti. Once all of the guests have arrived, you ask them to pop balloons until they find the one with confetti. It’s like a race.

Team Pink Versus Team Blue Events

This one is particularly popular among younger crowds – especially if you have a competitive circle of friends. Separate your friends into Team Pink or Team Blue based on the gender they’re guessing.

Then, let the games begin. You can play beer pong with dyed ping pong balls or dyed water in clear plastic cups, for example. Or, play your usual games with friends – like cornhole and other tailgate-style, backyard-friendly games.

You can go all-out and launch a tournament, keeping track of points totals as you move forward. Maybe give extra points for correctly guessing the gender of the baby – then tally up who the winner is.

Silly String

Silly string sales have risen sharply since gender reveal parties became popular. Arm yourselves with blue or pink silly string and get ready to unleash chaos upon your friends after the gender is revealed.

This one is particularly popular if there are children at your party – it gives them a way to stay busy at an otherwise boring event.


Some people find a piñata to be a little too violent for a gender reveal party. Others, however, enjoy the excitement of beating a paper mache figure until you discover whether there’s blue or pink confetti inside.

A piñata reveal seems to be particularly popular among families who already have kids. Your kids are excited to find out whether they’re having a baby brother or sister – let them unleash that excitement on a piñata in front of the whole family.

Blindfolded Diaper Changing

Faux-parenting activities are particularly popular at gender reveal parties. Activities like blindfolded diaper changing – or any type of diaper changing – can be spotted at today’s gender reveal parties.

Challenge your guests to a diaper race. See who can tie a diaper on a doll the fastest.

Bib Decoration

Bib decoration games can also be found at baby showers, but they’re seen at gender reveal parties too. Give guests blank bibs and a bunch of fabric pens, then ask them to design a bib for the baby. This one is more fun after the gender is revealed, because you can personalize the bib to the baby’s gender.

The “Don’t Say Baby” Game

The word “baby” gets tossed around a lot at gender reveal parties, understandably. It gets tossed around so much that some parties no have a “Don’t Say Baby” game. This game takes place in various forms, but the most popular form works something like this: guests arrive at the party and pin five clothespins onto themselves. Every time you hear someone say “baby”, you remove a clothespin from their clothes. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins.

Ultimately, gender reveal parties are as fun or boring as you want them to be. Use the gender reveal party activities mentioned above to keep everyone entertained at your next gender reveal party!

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