Ready to plan a gender reveal party? They’re more popular today than ever before. However, many people have no idea where to start planning a gender reveal party.

Who should you invite? What should you do at the party? How do you reveal the baby’s gender? What kinds of activities should you play? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about planning a gender reveal party.

Schedule an Ultrasound

In order to have a gender reveal party, you need to determine the biological gender of your baby.

How do you determine the gender of your baby while still keeping it a surprise?

Here’s how most parents do it: you schedule an ultrasound at around 20 weeks into the pregnancy. When the sonographer asks if you want to know the gender of the baby, you tell that person to write it down on a piece of paper and seal it inside an envelope.

Most skilled sonographers will be able to determine a baby’s gender at 20 weeks. However, it’s not always a sure thing: sometimes the baby’s legs are crossed in front of the genitals, for example. If that’s the case, then you may need to reschedule an ultrasound for a later date before determining the baby’s biological gender. For this reason, make sure you don’t plan your reveal party immediately after your ultrasound! It’s not a 100% certainty you’ll learn the baby’s gender at your first ultrasound.

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Once this important step is out of the way, you can start planning the fun stuff.

Create a Theme

Most gender reveal parties have a simple theme: pink and blue. Picture things like pink and blue cocktails, pink and blue plastic cups, pink and blue napkins, and pink and blue-themed party games. You can separate your party guests into pink and blue and have competitions between team pink and team blue.

All of this is pretty standard at a gender reveal party.

You can keep it simple and create a theme based around pink and blue. Or, you can be more creative. Creative ideas range from corny to slightly-less-corny. Some people have a “What Will It Bee?” theme, for example, where bees are incorporated into the party’s theme.

Other people have a Baby Gender Reveal Bowl – kind of like a Super Bowl. You can incorporate sports themes into the event.

Obviously, this is your party for your future child. Try to be unique. Plan something around the parents’ interests. Build a theme around something you love to do.

Alternatively, you can build a theme around the season. This one is popular especially if you’re late in the pregnancy. That way, the seasonal theme for your gender reveal party will be the same season in which your baby is born.

Set the Date

As with most important parties, try to send invitations out 4 to 6 weeks in advance. You can find plenty of great invitation ideas on Pinterest, Etsy, or Instagram. You can send out electronic invites as well – which is useful if there are only a small number of invites, or if you’re keeping it a close affair between friends.

Here’s one important thing to remember about sending invites: don’t assume guests know about gender reveal parties. They’re a new phenomenon, and many people have never heard of them – not to mention been to one. Your invitation should include a brief explanation of what a gender reveal party is.

Pick a Way to Reveal the Gender

The entire point of a gender reveal party is to work your way up to one big moment to reveal the gender. Here are some of the most popular ways to reveal the baby’s gender:

  • Bake a cake with a neutral colored frosting outside and pink/blue color inside (you can give the envelope to a local cakemaker or to a trusted friend, and they can make or pick up the correct cake)
  • Alternatively, cupcakes and cake pops are popular options; everyone can join in and see the baby’s gender as they bite in together
  • Have a friend put pink or blue helium balloons into a sealed box; open the box and let the balloons fly out to reveal the baby’s gender (if you want to be fancy, you can use a trunk or chest)
  • Have a friend put pink or blue baby socks in a box, then open the socks
  • Put traditionally male or female clothing, toys, or other items inside a box, then open the box to reveal the gender
  • Get a piñata and fill it with blue or pink items inside, based on the gender of the baby (this one is particularly popular if you already have kids, or if there are going to be lots of kids at the party)

Plan a Guessing Game for Guests

A good gender reveal party starts with asking guests to guess the gender of the baby. You might ask the guest when they walk in, then hand them a blue or pink drink based on their answer. Other parties have “voting booths” where you guess the gender of the baby. You could also setup a raffle where guests win something if they guess correctly.

Other parties turn gender reveal parties into a contest. You put a dollar bill or five dollar bill into a box when you guess the baby’s gender. You write your name on the back of your “voter’s ballot”. Then, after the gender is revealed, the hosts pick a name from the correct guesses, and that person wins the pot of money.

If you want to be extra creative (and extra demanding on your guests), then consider planning a “Wear your Guess” theme, where you ask guests to wear pink or blue depending on their best guess. People don’t have to go too overboard with this: you might ask them to wear a pink or blue tie, for example. Or, just hand someone a pink or blue bracelet or necklace when they walk into the party.

Pick Activities

A good gender reveal party has activities – including themed activities.

There are all sorts of ways you can take this. Some people – particularly younger people throwing a party – will play beer pong and similar party games with blue and pink-colored cups or blue and pink beverages, for example.

Other activities include:

  • Having people guess your favorite boy and girl names from a list, then giving a prize to the winner
  • Diaper changing games (on dolls or inanimate objects, obviously)
  • Old wives’ tale games. There are all sorts of stories about how to predict a baby’s gender without an ultrasound. There’s a legend that if you’re “carrying low”, you’re having a boy, and if you’re carrying high, then it’s a girl, for example. Another legend says that if your left breast is bigger during pregnancy, then it’s a boy. Pick a few of these, then add them up to see if there’s any truth to the old wives’ tales
  • Sonogram guessing; have guests look at your sonogram then guess whether it’s a boy or girl. Have them write their guesses on a piece of paper with their names, then read out the names of the people who were right.
  • Melt chocolate bars into diapers, then have guests guess what each chocolate bar is based on the smell (yeah, this one can be a little gross)

Pick a Food for your Party

Typically, gender reveal parties aren’t very long. People drop by, wait for the gender reveal, then leave. You don’t need to serve a meal.

Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to have snacks, appetizers, or desserts out for guests. Plan a few foods for your party. As always, pick foods or desserts that meet the blue/pink theme. Cupcakes with blue or pink filling are popular, for example.

Pick a Beverage for your Party

It’s easy to find blue cans of beer for your party (Labatt Blue is one popular option, as is Blue Moon or even Bud Light). Finding pink beverages might be a little more challenging – but you can make your own pink-themed cocktails, pink spritzers, rose wine, or anything else you want.

Building themed non-alcoholic beverages is also easy: cream soda is pink, for example. You can add blue food coloring to just about any beverage.

Be Prepared to Document the Event

Before the event starts, make sure you’ve setup a way to document the event.

If you’re feeling rich, you can hire a professional photographer or videographer for the event. Alternatively, assign one of your friends to take photos.

Or, be creative and grab a Polaroid. Have guests write well wishes for the baby on the back of the Polaroid shots as they come out of the camera.

At the very least, make sure your own camera or video camera is charged and ready before the party. You’ve put a lot of effort into planning the party – so make sure you have evidence it took place!

Thank your Guests

You can send guests home with goodie bags filled with themed treats or pink/blue-themed items. Or, you could just thank them as they leave – it depends on how generous you’re feeling.

In general, however, you should give your guests something for showing up – even if it’s just a bar of soap or a candle.

Ultimately, gender reveal parties don’t have to be extravagant affairs to plan. For some people, they’re close events between immediate family and friends. For others, they’re events that require months of planning. Follow the tips listed above to plan your own gender reveal party.

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