So you think you may be pregnant. Before you run to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test, you might want to check for very early pregnancy symptoms.

Today, we’re going to explain the earliest symptoms of pregnancy – including symptoms you can use to determine whether or not you’re pregnant before your first missed period.

Tender Breasts

Breast tenderness is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms. Of course, many women get tender breasts during their periods – so this symptom by itself isn’t reliable.

Mood Swings and Emotional Roller Coasters

Have your moods felt whacky lately? Have you lost control of your emotions? Have you just “felt off”? It may be early pregnancy hormones. Many women report feeling mood swings just 2 to 3 weeks after conception. If you’ve suddenly yelled at your spouse over something trivial, or if you’ve started crying at something that wasn’t very sad, then it could be an early pregnancy symptom.

Unexplained Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a common symptom throughout pregnancy. However, if you feel abdominal pain combined with the above symptoms, then it could be used as a very early pregnancy symptom. Many moms agree that abdominal pain during pregnancy feels different from ordinary menstrual cramps.

Said one mom, “It felt different than menstrual cramps – almost like really, really bad gas. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but obviously there were changes happening in my belly.”

Vaginal Discharge

White, milky discharge can be taken as an early pregnancy symptom. The discharge comes from the fact that your vagina’s walls are thickening after conception. Again, this is one of many symptoms on the list that can also occur during an ordinary menstrual cycle.

Fatigue and Tiredness

Have you had plenty of sleep – but still feel tired? It’s possible your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes right after conception, and that means it needs more sleep. Remember, your body has to form all of those new cells, so it’s naturally going to feel tired.

Weird Food Aversions, Cravings, or Hunger Pangs

For the same reason mentioned above, you could have weird hunger cravings during the early stages of pregnancy. New cells are growing inside your body, and your body is spending more energy than usual. Are you craving certain foods more than usual? Can you suddenly not eat certain foods? This can all be traced back to hormonal changes. Eggs, by the way, tend to be the most common aversion.


Do you feel wobbly when you stand? Are you having trouble standing up straight? Dizziness is a common early pregnancy symptom. Of course, it can also be the sign of fatigue, dehydration, or a serious medical problem – so make sure you pay attention to this symptom regardless of what your pregnancy test says.

Congestion and Headaches

Many women report feeling congested during the early stages of pregnancy. No, it’s not just allergies: many women get something that’s called “rhinitis of pregnancy”, which includes stuffiness and headaches.

Stomach Problems and Indigestion

Do you constantly feel like you have bad gas? Are you experiencing more stomach discomfort than usual? Upset stomachs and indigestion are two of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy.


This very early pregnancy symptom is so common that it deserves a category of its own. Bloating and gas problems are common throughout the pregnancy. If you’re feeling it in combination with the other symptoms listed above, there’s a possibility that you’re pregnant. I hope you have good anti-gas medication, or you’re good at dealing with gas, because this symptom will usually last up to the date of birth.

Frequent Urination

Need to pee more often than usual? Get used to it throughout your pregnancy. Your body’s hormone changes can increase fluid volume in your body, which means more blood flow through your kidneys, which then causes your bladder to fill up more quickly. That means you need to pee more frequently. This problem becomes more noticeable as your pregnancy progresses – your growing baby will exert more and more pressure on your bladder.

Just Feeling “Funny” or “Off”

Talk to a few moms and they’ll tell you that, looking back, they just “felt off” or “felt funny” during their earliest stages of pregnancy. It’s a symptom you can’t really explain until you look back.

Let’s be honest: you know your own body better than anyone. If you feel a little different, and the feeling isn’t going away, then it could be because a fetus is growing inside you.

You’re Not Pregnant Because You Feel One Early Pregnancy Symptom

So your breasts feel a little tender. You cried during a cute puppy commercial on TV. You’ve felt weird for a week.

Obviously, a single symptom from this list doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. However, if you’ve noticed multiple symptoms from the list, and you’ve never felt those symptoms before, then it may be a good idea to do a pregnancy test.

Ultimately, if you talk to moms, you’ll find many of them “swear” they “felt pregnant” just days after conception. Maybe it’s the placebo effect. Or maybe it’s a mother’s intuition. But whatever the case may be, there are some very early pregnancy symptoms you can spot just weeks after conception.


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