A gender reveal is a trendy party hosted by expectant parents – or their friends and family. During a gender reveal party, you gather loved ones into a room, then reveal the gender of your baby in a creative way.

Gender reveal parties come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, people use gender reveal parties as an excuse to throw a party for friends and family. To others, it’s an important milestone on the path towards the birth of a child.

The most traditional type of gender reveal party is one where the parents cut a cake. If the inside of the cake is pink, the parents are expecting a baby girl. If the inside of the cake is blue, it’s a baby boy. Expectant parents could also use colored balloons or confetti to indicate the gender of the baby.

Why Are Gender Reveal Parties So Popular?

Gender reveal parties weren’t as common a decade ago. In recent years, however, they’ve exploded in popularity.

Some people might blame the “selfie” generation and their desire to turn everything into an Instagram-worthy event. However, gender reveal parties are also popular because it’s cheaper and easier to reveal a baby’s gender today than ever before.

That’s because we have access to non-intrusive tests. Cell-free fetal DNA testing is available to expectant mothers as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy.

The test is simple: it just requires a small blood sample from the mother.

Before these tests were available, the gender of the unborn baby was typically determined via ultrasound between 16 and 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

Now, thanks to cell-free fetal DNA testing, it’s easy and affordable to know the gender of your unborn baby long before your due date.

How Do Gender Reveal Parties Work?

Gender reveal parties come in a few broad types:

  • Parties where everyone knows the gender of the baby but the parents
  • Parties where only the parents know the gender of the baby, and want to surprise loved ones
  • Parties where only one person knows the gender of the baby, and wants to surprise the parents and loved ones

You don’t have to look far on YouTube to find examples of all types of gender reveal parties.

Sometimes, a family member will be the only one who knows the gender of the baby. In other cases, the entire party will know – except for the parents. It depends on who wants to be surprised.

Features of a Gender Reveal Party

Some of the common things you can expect to encounter at a gender reveal party include:

Gender Reveal Themes

Most gender reveal parties have a theme. The theme above is "time". You might have a “Pregnancy Craving” theme, for example, where guests eat pickles, ice cream, potato chips, and other common pregnancy cravings. Other themes could center around the time of the year. You could have a St Patrick’s Day gender reveal party where guests wear blue or pink shamrocks, for example.

Foods and Beverages

Are you even allowed to throw a party without foods and beverages?

Gender Reveal Balloons

Balloons can be spotted at almost every gender reveal party. It’s easy to find blue or pink balloons – and it makes for a little extra excitement after the gender is revealed. If you don’t want to cut into a cake, then opening a box filled with blue or pink helium balloons is a good backup plan. Or, some people fill a black balloon with blue or pink confetti, then pop it to reveal the baby’s gender.


Cake is found at almost all gender reveal parties. Even if you don’t color-code your cake, it’s a great way to celebrate the reveal and remind everyone that the party is almost over.

Ultimately, gender reveal parties are more popular today than they’ve ever been the past. Whether you just learned what a gender reveal party is, or you’ve already been to multiple parties, there’s no doubt that gender reveal parties are here to stay.

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