Gender reveal parties are a fun new trend. However, many people have no idea what to actually do at gender reveal parties.

Yes, we all know that you’re supposed to reveal the baby’s biological gender in some dramatic way. However, what do you do before and after? What kinds of activities should you plan? How should you keep your guests entertained? Find out today as we explore what to do at a gender reveal party.

There Are No Rules – Make Your Gender Reveal Party Your Own

The most important thing to remember about gender reveal parties is that there are no rules. Yes, you have to reveal the baby’s gender at some point. The rest of the party, however, is totally up to you. Gender reveal parties are a new phenomenon, and there are no set rules on what you have to do at your own party.

Remember: this is a gender reveal party for your future child. That child will be unique. You want the party to be unique, too. Don’t copy someone’s party you found on Instagram or Pinterest. Make your gender reveal party your own.

Now, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things people typically do at a gender reveal party.

How to Reveal the Gender of your Baby

Let’s start with the most important part of any gender reveal party: the part where you reveal the gender.

First, it’s important to remember that you don’t reveal the gender the moment the party starts. If your party starts at 1pm, you’re not going to reveal the gender at 1:15pm. You have to let tensions rise. You also have to make sure all the guests have arrived.

To reveal the gender, you have a few different options:

Gender reveals range from corny to creative, from boring to unforgettable. Put some time into your gender reveal. Think of your own interests as a couple, and try to make that a part of your gender reveal.

Before the Reveal: Gender Reveal Party Activities

Gender reveal parties are a great time to play games and activities. Most of these games will center around the idea of “team pink versus team blue”.

You can play the usual party games – like cornhole, beer pong, or other backyard games. You can have guests guess the baby’s gender, then give prizes for all the correct answers once the reveal is complete.

There are all sorts of gender reveal party activities you can plan. Some parties involve diaper-changing competitions using dolls, for example. Others involve using your nose to guess the piece of melted chocolate in a diaper.

Use Pink or Blue-themed Foods, Beverages, etc.

Gender reveal parties typically have pink or blue-themed foods and beverages. You can come up with themed cocktails. Or, just make bowls of fruit punch with blue or pink food coloring.

Cupcakes are a popular option at gender reveal parties. You don’t have to use the cupcakes to reveal your baby’s gender. You can use blue and pink frosting interchangeably. Leave a tray of cupcakes out for guests.

One popular option at a gender reveal party is to give guests a blue or pink plastic cup when they walk into the party. Ask for the guest’s guess at the door. Then, give them a blue or pink cup/beverage based on that answer.

What Should Guests Wear?

Typically, gender reveal parties don’t have a strict dress code.

However, some parties request guests “Dress their Guess” by wearing a blue or pink article of clothing. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy – a blue tie for guys, or a pink dress for girls, for example, are both popular options.

Alternatively, some parties don’t give any dress code or special requests. But when guests walk in the door, they receive a pin, bracelet, or necklace colored with their guess (either pink or blue).

Plan the Party Around your Theme

Gender reveal parties often have a theme. Yes, there’s almost always a “blue or pink” theme. However, some parties also have a seasonal theme based on the time of year. If you’re having a baby around Easter, for example, then you may have an Easter egg theme. You might hand out Easter eggs, then everyone opens the Easter eggs to find a blue or pink toy inside.

Other themes center around the expectant parents and their interests. Whether it’s music, sports, traveling, or other hobbies, it’s easy to incorporate hobby-related themes into your party.

Silly String and Other Distractions

Silly string sales have jumped ever since gender reveal parties became popular. Some people use silly string as a way to reveal a baby’s gender. Other people use it to play up the “blue and pink” theme before the reveal. And some people just use it to celebrate a baby boy or girl after the reveal.

Stock up on silly string before the party and you’ll give guests – particularly younger guests – an easy way to stay entertained. This is a great option if you have younger relatives at the party, or if your friends are bringing their own kids.

If you don’t want to use silly string, then you can use party streamers, confetti, or similar options.

Water Gun Fight

Before or after the big reveal, you can have a play fight with water guns. Fill water guns with blue or pink paint (or just blue and pink-colored water), then have a party in the backyard. Separate guests into team blue or team pink, then get ready to have fun.

Take Lots of Photographs

Above all, one of the most important things to do at a gender reveal party is to take lots of photographs.

You’ve spent a lot of time planning the big reveal. You want to make sure there’s evidence of the special moment. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, a gender reveal party will always be a special moment.

At the very least, assign a friend to walk around the party taking photographs and videos. Or, if you feel like spending a bit of money, you can even hire a professional photographer for the event.

Remember: there are no hard and fast rules for what to do at a gender reveal party. Make your party your own. Plan activities you and your guests will enjoy.

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