There’s no doubt that celebrities are trend-setters in the parenting world. Many musicians, actresses and reality stars have helped popularize the relatively new phenomenon of gender reveals. These special announcements come after a pregnancy announcement to reveal to fans and viewers the gender of the baby before it is born. In fact, many of these celebs are having their first gender reveals despite having one or more young children already, a testament to the faddish nature of these announcements.

From the well-known cake-cutting to carefully posed Instagram photos, these celebrity gender reveals showcase the range of gender reveal ideas taking social media by storm.

The “Traditional” Cake Reveal

Jersey Shore star Jennifer Farley, a.k.a. JWoww. used the popular cake reveal back in early 2016. This reveal involves cutting a cake to reveal the pink or blue icing in the middle layer. She allowed her co-star and friend Nicole Polizzi, otherwise known as Snooki, the honor of cutting the cake, which revealed she was having a boy. JWoww gave birth to her son named Greyson on May 5, 2016.

The Sand Writing Reveal

Nick Lachey, alongside his wife Vanessa and their son Camden, revealed the gender of their second child in 2014 by writing the announcement in the sand. Their daughter Brooklyn was born January 5, 2015. This announcement was definitely on the quieter side when it comes to celebrity gender reveals.

The Colored Confetti Reveal 

In 2014, actor Dave Annable of Brothers & Sisters fame announced his baby girl with his wife Odette by popping two black balloons filled with pink confetti in front of a beach full of family and friends. The Annables did not know the gender beforehand and got to share in the surprise and joy alongside their loved ones.

The Powder-Filled Baseball Reveal

In May 2016, this gender reveal came after a professional MLB game when Kansas City Royals player Christian Colón hit a pitch thrown by his wife Kayla—only this was no ordinary baseball. The ball was specially designed to explode upon impact to reveal a cloud of pink or blue powder. The final gender reveal was a surprise to everyone but their young daughter. The Colón family ended up having a second little girl.

The Pop of Color Photo Reveal 

This gender reveal idea was used by TV show host Kristin Cavallari and her NFL quarterback husband Jay Cutler. The couple took a picture of themselves embracing while Kristin held a pair of pink shoes. The photo was edited to appear black and white with only the pink of the shoes to grab attention.

The Colored Shoes Reveal 

The shoes gender reveal idea was a natural transition from typical pregnancy announcements in which the parents’ shoes would be shown alongside an adorably, teeny pair of baby shoes. Celebrities were some of the first to take this idea and use it for a gender reveal.

This includes Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria who posted this photo announcing their second child being a boy they named Rafael Thomas.

Bachelorette star and pediatric dentist Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum made a similar shoes-themed announcement using pink shoes, a positive pregnancy test and a blackboard reading “Ashley + JP + Ford + Baby Girl = Heart.” 

The Balloon Release Reveal 

In 2015, Kita Williams, celebrity publicist once featured on The T.O. Show, revealed her baby’s gender alongside her husband Joe. The couple struggled to conceive and were especially excited for their gender reveal, which involved opening a cardboard box to release blue balloons into the air. Kita announced the gender during her baby shower in Beverly Hills and the couple ended up naming their son Greysun. 

The Seasonal Decor Reveal

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott revealed their fifth child’s gender through Christmas decorations in December 2016. The couple made it more clear when they stood beside their blue candy cane and ornament decorated tree with a pair of blue baby shoes. Despite this being her fifth child, this was Tori’s first gender reveal.

The Opposite Gender Twins Reveal 

NFL player Antonio Cromartie and his wife Terricka announced they were expecting twins, so their gender reveal was of extra interest to fans. They took the low-key approach by sharing a photo with two high-end high chairs with boxes of pink and blue roses. Terricka gave birth in 2016 and the couple ended up naming their kids Jerzie and Jagger.

The Timely Political Tweet Reveal 

Actress Olivia Wilde made her second baby’s gender reveal on Twitter when she tweeted during the 2016 election, “As someone who is about to have a daughter, this hits me deep in my core.” Her gender revealing tweet went viral, though it received a lot of public criticism for its political nature.

The Sibling (and Candy) Reveal 

Back in 2016, Kevin Jonas of the pop group Jonas Brothers did a sibling reveal having his 2-year-old daughter announce the gender of his and his wife Danielle’s second child. The little girl held a large Mylar balloon that read “Baby Girl” and the photo was shared on Instagram.

But the couple didn’t stop there. Danielle made a separate announcement that included her family. Danielle’s mother went around asking guests to choose a jar of peanut M&Ms labeled “Nuts” for a boy or plain M&Ms labeled “No Nuts” for a girl. In the end, Danielle’s mom held up the No Nuts jar as the announcement. The video was shared on Danielle’s Instagram.

The Tablescape Reveal 

The Hills actress Audrina Patridge announced her baby’s gender by posing with her fiance Corey Bohan next to a pink tablescape. This reveal was special as it took advantage of her private gender reveal party among family and friends to include her fans in her amazing reveal day with her loved ones.

The Hidden Caption Gender Reveal 

There was no cheesiness or gimmicks in this Kardashian reveal! Kim Kardashian mastered the sneaky caption gender reveal back on Father’s Day 2015. What looked like a simple photo of her husband Kanye West reading to their daughter North was actually a subtle reveal in the caption that read, “Precious moments like this when we were traveling on tour with you are what I live for. You’re such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too!”

The Handprint Reveal

In 2014, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans revealed the gender of her second child by having her fiance Nathan Griffith and her son Jace hold their painted hands to her bump. When they removed their hands, the photographer snapped the blue handprints along with their feigned surprise.

The Partner’s Accidental Reveal

Back in 2014, music artist Ciara had a bit of an oopsie with her gender reveal. She did quite well keeping it a secret from the press, but her fiance Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, a.k.a., the rapper Future, wasn’t able to keep as quiet. During a radio interview, Future let the gender slip when he referred to the unborn baby as “he.”

After Ciara told him the baby was listening to their music, Future revealed, “I said you got to play the ‘Anytime’ version for him. Let him hear that. See how he kick. She played it for him and he started kicking like crazy.”

The couple ended up naming their son Future Zahir Wilburn.

The Pretend Accidental Reveal 

Musician Brad Paisley “accidentally” spilled the beans for singer Carrie Underwood on live television during the 2014 Country Music Awards. Fans later learned the whole skit was scripted with Underwood’s consent, but Paisley insists he did not know which gender he would be pretending to slip until moments before he got on stage.

The Live TV Reveal 

In September 2016, TV journalist and attorney Savannah Guthrie made her gender reveal live on The Today Show. She came on set to find Matt Lauer holding two milkshakes, one pink and one blue. Savannah grabbed both milkshakes and ultimately made her reveal when the cameras cut outside to a plane carrying a sky banner reading “It’s a boy.” She then sipped the blue milkshake as her co-stars congratulated her.

The Cringe-Worthy Reality TV Show Reveals 

Rob Kardashian and his fiancee Blac Chyna revealed the gender of their baby during an episode of the Bravo show Rob & Chyna that aired in September 2016. Viewers caught the couple’s live reactions as the doctor told them the gender of their baby during a routine doctor’s appointment. Rob was visibly disappointed as he wanted a boy, but it turns out the couple was having a girl who was born in November 2016. The couple split a month later.

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra of Teen Mom OG fame faced a similar problem. Their small, private gender reveal party was aired on TV with a not-so-thrilled Tyler expressing his disappointment at having a second girl. On the current season, the Baltierras still debate trying for another to give Tyler his long-desired boy.

That’s two more points for the well-planned Instagram reveals that avoid live reactions!

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