If you’re bored with the cake frosting gender reveal, these ideas can provide inspiration to make your gender reveal memorable for years to come. Many of these ideas work both for gender reveal parties and for simple photographic reveals on social media.


Exploding Baseball


This reveal was popularized in summer 2016 by Kansas City Royals player Christian Colón. It uses a hollow, plastic baseball filled with pink or blue powder that breaks open upon impact, creating a huge cloud of colored dust. Typically, the mom-to-be tosses it to dad-to-be, who hits it with a baseball bat. Most couples who use the exploding baseball reveal are being surprised alongside their family and friends.

Exploding baseballs are very inexpensive. You can get a DIY kit for $1 on Etsy or you can purchase a pre-made baseball for $14.95.

For the other sports fans, there are also exploding footballs, golf balls and basketballs.

Water Bomb


A water bomb reveal requires a bit more patience. The idea is to place a white bath bomb in a clear glass or vase and wait for the bomb to dissolve and release the color pink or blue. The process takes about a minute and can build up anticipation among the crowd.

You can purchase a gender reveal water bomb on Etsy for $9.75.

Balloon Popping


The simple idea here is to take a giant balloon, fill it with pink or blue confetti, and blow it up. The big reveal comes when the couple holds the balloon and pops it with a pin. We recommend using a black balloon so the bits of burst balloon don’t get confused with the colored confetti. 

This balloon maker offers multiple options, including for those having opposite sex twins, starting at $15. You can also simply buy an over-sized balloon at any party store and fill it yourself.

Balloon Release or Drop


On the balloon theme, let’s discuss both releases and drops. The idea is the same, but they require a little bit of planning.

With a balloon release, you want to have the balloons filled with helium, then pack them in a decorated cardboard box. When you open the box, the balloons will rise more quickly and dramatically than if they were just filled by mouth.

With a balloon drop, you want to do the opposite. You want small balloons filled with air by mouth. Secure the box overhead from a ceiling or arbor. When you pull the tape to open the box, the balloons should fall gently to the ground. We recommend adding some confetti to provide some variance in the speed of the drop. 

Smoke Bombs


These fireworks are especially popular when a professional photographer is on hand. Smoke bombs just photograph beautifully and can be used not only for a gender reveal party but for a social media reveal.

The couple can hold one or two smoke bombs if a proper handle is built in. Otherwise, you can place them on the ground and have someone light them to get that picture-perfect reveal.

You can purchase smoke bombs for under $20 on Etsy. 

Confetti Cannon


Confetti cannons are very similar to smoke bomb reveals, they just don’t photograph quite as well. However, they fire more simply, allowing a countdown with a big explosion reveal, unlike smoke bombs which have a fuse that must be lit, leaving you waiting for the pop. 

This $16 confetti cannon kit includes two blue and two pink cannons so both mom and dad can fire off together.

Silly String

If you want to include your guests in the reveal, consider using wrapped silly string cans. Have the cans  wrapped in paper to obscure the color inside. On the count of three, everyone fires off the silly string into the air, usually aiming to cover the couple.

Arm Wrestling

This gender reveal idea will have your guests rooting and cheering for their “team.” The couple simply arm wrestles with a blue ribbon tied on the dad’s wrist and a pink ribbon tied on the mom’s. Play it up and have some close calls for the “losing” team before finally giving out and letting the winner take the upper hand.

Squirt Gun 

Here’s another idea that allows  guests to participate. The trick is to find the right squirt guns that do not have clear water containers so you can hide the color of the dyed water. If you can’t find them inexpensively, you can have only a handful of people participate in the actual squirt gunning.

Fortune Cookie 

From $0.59 per cookie for a plain cookie, you can customize the message inside a fortune cookie to reveal the gender. These allow each guest to open and participate in their own little surprise. Many custom fortune cookie manufacturers allow you to color the dough of the cookie and offer icing dip options and sprinkles to make a pink and blue gender reveal fortune cookie. 

Pull String Pinata 

Pull string pinatas are like balloon drops but simpler. They don’t require as much DIY work. You can purchase the pinata online from Michael’s for about $15.99. You then fill the pinata with pink or blue confetti and secure it per the instructions. When it’s time for the big reveal, you simply pull a string.

Balloon Paint Popping


We love this option for the keepsake that results, but the set-up requires a little time. You’ll need to fill pink or blue paint (usually in different shades from light to dark) inside of several balloons and then secure them with tape on an artist’s canvas. Prop the canvas up on a table with a disposable tablecloth and get your hands on some darts. The actual reveal will come when you use darts to try to pop the balloons. Purposefully missing one or two at the beginning really eggs on the excitement. At the end, you get a piece of art on which you can paint the baby’s name.


Scratch Off Cards


Sending out these scratch off cards is a great way to include the surprise for those who can’t make the gender reveal party. They are designed just like scratch off lotto tickets and are cheap and easy to use. They can also be used for gender reveal parties and handed out to all of the guests.


Cupcake Reveal 

Finally, the food reveal. These were en vogue for a while and grew a little stale, but if you’re just craving some sweets, there is a fresher way to pull it off.

A cupcake reveal is little twist on the classic cake cutting reveal. With the cake cutting, everyone has to crowd around for a good view as one person cuts the cake. With a cupcake reveal, everyone gets their own and bites into it at once, so everyone has a front-row seat and gets to participate. The concept is still the same: just use a piping bag to penetrate the top of the cupcake and fill the inside with the appropriate icing color. Be sure to carefully frost the top with a different color to hide the inside.

Final Tips

If mom- and dad-to-be want to be surprised, you’ll need a trusted friend or family member to do the set-up. Have the sonographer or doctor write the gender on a piece of paper, fold it in half, then place it in a sealed envelope. Hand it off to your trusted buddy ASAP so you’re not tempted to peek!

If you already know the gender and just want to do a social media reveal, just be wary of choosing one that’s supposed to look like you’re experiencing a big surprise. Recreating that emotion will always fall flat in photos and make you look depressingly unenthused with the result.

If you or your partner really want or prefer one sex over another, you might not want to do a public reveal. It’s not that uncommon to have mom or dad be visibly disappointed at the result, which really sucks the fun out of the event for all of your guests, too.



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