Planning the perfect gender reveal party? You need a good guessing game. Today, we’re giving you the best ideas for guessing games at gender reveal parties.

Keep it Simple with a Running Tally

When guests walk into the party, have them walk past a chalkboard with “boy” or “girl” written on it. Give them a piece of chalk and tell them to tally their best guess. Then, you can make guests wear blue or pink pins, ribbons, or other colored items based on their guess.

Take It To the Next Level with a Polling Booth

This one works particularly well if it’s election season, but it works fine at any time of the year. When guests arrive, have them “vote” whether you’re having a boy or girl. Set up an anonymous polling booth. Have them place a ballot in the box.

If you want, have guests write their names on the ballot. Then, at the end of the night, draw names from the pool of correct guesses. Give the lucky winner a baby-themed prize – like a diaper filled with (wrapped) chocolate candy.

Sonogram Guessing Games

If you have a sonogram, then a sonogram guessing game can be a lot of fun (as long as you don’t have any sonographer friends who will spoil the fun). To the untrained eye, the sonogram of a male/female baby looks the same. Have guests at your gender reveal party look at the sonogram, then make a guess based on that.

Guess the Melted Chocolate in the Diaper

This isn’t technically a gender guessing game – but it is a guessing game you play at a gender reveal party. This guessing game has been spotted at gender reveal parties for years. You grab five different types of chocolate bars, then melt each one so it’s slightly deformed and difficult to recognize. Place each one in a diaper, then have guests smell the diaper to guess which chocolate is inside. Yes, it’s gross – but it’s a gender reveal party classic.

Play Competitive Guessing Games

Get competitive with your gender reveal party. Play all of the usual party games/drinking games that you usually play with your friends – just separate each other into Team Boy versus Team Girl. Remember up above where you asked guests to wear the color of their guess? Separate guests into teams based on this pattern, then play cornhole, beer pong, horseshoes, frisbee, pool, darts, or whatever you usually play with your friends. Host a series of games and make it a Team Boy versus Team Girl tournament.

Obviously, if you don’t want to separate people into teams based on their guess, you can separate people into teams based on whether they’re a boy or girl.

Guess the Gender Based on Old Wives’ Tales

Before modern medicine, the best way to guess the biological sex of your baby was to use old wives’ tales. If your left breast was bigger during pregnancy, you were definitely having a boy, for example. You can find dozens of such stories online. Collect them all into a quiz, then hand the quiz out to your party guests.

You can structure the quiz like this:

“Are you carrying low or high?”

  • Low: Boy
  • High: Girl

Guests can circle the answers they believe are true, then tally up the answers to make a guess. Again, you can get guests to write their names on the paper, then tally up the totals and hand a prize to the winner at the end of the party.

Other questions include:

“During the pregnancy, have you been crabby or happy?

  • Crabby: Girl
  • Happy: Boy

“Do you crave sweet foods or salty/sour foods?”

  • Salty/Sour: Boy
  • Sweet: Girl

You don’t have to hand these out to guests at your party. You can just have a guest ask you the questions in front of the party, then add up the totals based on that information. It’s a fun way for people to learn more about your pregnancy – and hey, there’s a 50% chance of the old wives’ tales being correct.

Guess the Favorite Boy or Girl Name

Sit down with your partner and choose your favorite name for boys and girls. Then, make a list of five boys names and five girls names. One of each category will be your favorite name. Place those names on a board in front of the gender reveal party, then have guests cast their votes for which one is your real favorite boy or girl name and pop a gender reveal balloon.

Again, you can give a prize to the winner – or just tally up the correct votes to see how well your friends really know you.

Guess the Number of Pink or Blue Whatever in a Jar

Take pink or blue jelly beans, M&Ms, mints, candies, or other treats. Then, grab a jar and fill it with your pink or blue treats. Place more pink treats in the jar if you’re having a girl, or place more blue treats in the jar if you’re having a boy. Have guests look closely at the jar and guess which one is correct. For an extra difficult guessing game, have guests guess the number of treats in the jar.

By following the tips above, you can enjoy fun guessing games for your gender reveal party!


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