Do you want to reveal your baby’s gender in a dramatic way? Some people throw a gender reveal party. Other people, however, send gifts to relatives.

These gifts are designed to reveal the baby’s gender in a surprising way. If your parents (i.e. the grandparents of the baby) can’t make it to a gender reveal party, then they can still open the gift to get a surprising experience.

Are you planning a gender reveal gift for grandparents? Today, we’re explaining how to creatively reveal the gender of your baby to older relatives.

Hollow Out a Quail Egg

One creative way to reveal a baby’s gender to grandparents is to use a quail egg – or a similar decorative egg. You can actually buy hollowed-out quail eggs from Etsy for around $7. Slip a personalized note inside. Use pink or blue-colored paper. Just like that, you’ve revealed the gender in a unique and creative way.

The main problem with this gender reveal gift is that it’s difficult to mail. The egg can crack open. However, if the grandparents live nearby, it’s an easy gift to drop off at their house personally.

Fill a Box with Helium Balloons

This gender reveal gift is popular at parties as well. Send a box to the grandparents with blue or pink helium balloons. When they open the box, the balloons will rise up and creatively announce the gender of your baby.

Use Shoes or Clothing

Fill a small shoebox with clothing or shoes for a boy or girl. You might use a colorful dress to announce a girl, for example, or a pair of boy’s shoes to announce a boy. It’s a cute and sentimental way to announce the biological sex of your child.

Bake a Cake

This is a popular gender reveal gift for grandparents because they get to eat the gift afterwards. Bake a cake with pink or blue frosting inside. When the grandparents cut into it, they’ll see the gender of the baby.

If you’re not an experienced baker, you can find local bakeries to do it. If the grandparents live out of town, then you might be able to find a bakery in their area that will bake the cake and deliver it to their address.

Scratch Off Games

You can send scratch-off gifts to relatives to reveal the gender of your baby. There are vendors on Etsy who sell homemade scratch cards. You scratch the card just like a lottery ticket, then reveal a pink or blue color underneath.

Fortune Cookies

This one takes a little bit of work – and possibly some baking experience. You can look up how to make your own fortune cookies online. Slide a piece of paper inside the fortune cookies to reveal the baby’s gender.

You can write something on the fortune cookie like, “You will meet your new grandson soon!”

Custom Jewelry

Sometimes, the best way to reveal a baby’s gender to grandparents is to use a piece of colored jewelry. There are a few ways to do this: sometimes, you get the jewelry engraved with the name of your future boy or girl. The grandparents have a memento they’ll wear and treasure for life.

In other cases, you can send a simple blue or pink necklace or bracelet.

Use Baby Items as a Gift

Whether it’s a diaper, a pacifier, or a bib, baby items make cheap and easy gender reveal gifts for grandparents. Attach a personalized note to the item and you’re good to go!

Ultimately, a baby announcement is a special moment for grandparents. They might have never heard of gender reveal parties. But they certainly want to know the gender of your baby. Send them a creative gender reveal gift and they’ll treasure that gift for life.

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