Want to surprise your husband with the gender of your future child? There are all sorts of exciting gender reveal ideas for husbands. Today, we’re giving you the best ideas for your husband – the future father of your child.

A Simple Gift Bag with Baby Items

You don’t have to plan an extravagant gender reveal for your husband. Sometimes, the best gifts are ones put together with love and attention.

You can find YouTube clips where moms reveal the baby’s gender simply by handing their partner a mysterious bag. Tell him it’s a gift. The bag contains something simple – like a dress for a baby girl or a pair of shoes for a baby boy. It’s a simple gesture – but it’s a moment he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

Open the Envelope Together

At your request, the ultrasound technician will write the gender down on a piece of paper, then seal that paper inside an envelope. You can sneak a peek, of course. However, many couples choose to open the envelope together.

You can open the envelope together as part of a private moment at home. Or, open it in front of a group of people at a gender reveal party. Either way, it’s a great gender reveal idea for your husband.

Greet your Husband Wearing Pink or Blue

This is another simple idea that can have a profoundly meaningful impact on your husband. Sit your husband down in your living room, then come out wearing a pink or blue shirt. It sounds a little corny or boring, but it’s a sweet moment you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Bake a Cake

Everyone likes cake. Bake your husband a cake, then watch him cut into it to reveal the gender of your baby. Coat the outside of the cake with a gender-neutral color, then fill the inside of the cake with blue or pink frosting. He won’t be able to wait to see the inside of the cake.

Smash a Piñata

Is your husband a child at heart? A piñata can be a fun choice. Fill a piñata with blue or pink goodies, then hand your husband a baseball bat. Sure, it’s a bit of a violent way to announce the gender of your baby, but it makes for an exciting reveal moment.

Spray Him with Silly String

This one is fun if you already have a child. You can spray your husband with silly string together. Buy pink or blue silly string, then let the fun begin. Film or photograph the event to create a memory you’ll treasure forever.

Build Off your Husband’s Hobby or Favorite Activity

If your husband’s a football fan, pick his favorite football team. Buy a boy or girl’s jersey, shirt, or dress (every team store sells baby apparel) and watch his eyes light up as he opens the gift.

Get creative with this one. Maybe your husband likes skiing. Make a mini set of skis and poles colored in pink or blue.

Or, if your husband likes to play video games, create some announcement around the idea that “Player 2 has joined the game”. You probably know your husband better than anyone – pick a gender reveal idea that aligns with his hobbies and activities in life.

Use your Dog

A dog is man’s best friend. Why not use your dog to reveal the gender of your baby to your husband? Tie a pink or blue ribbon to the dog, then have your dog greet your husband when he comes home from work. Or, ask your husband to wear a white shirt, then paint your dog’s paws pink or blue and have him jump on your husband.

Whether you want to bring your husband to joyful tears, or you want him to jump around with excitement, gender reveal ideas for husbands come in all shapes and sizes.

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