Your first gender reveal party signals the start of your family.

Your next gender reveal party, however, is a sign of your growing family. You’re not a new family anymore: you’re a growing, independent unit. That’s why many parents involve their kids in future gender reveal parties.

Are you looking for gender reveal ideas with siblings? Want to involve your current kids in their future brother or sister’s gender reveal party? This trend has become increasingly common for parents around the world. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best gender reveal ideas for siblings.

You Don’t Have to Have a Party

Gender reveal ideas with siblings don’t have to involve a party. Many parents reveal their baby’s gender in a creative way through a photograph, then post the photograph on social media.

Here are some of the ways people use their current kids to announce that a new baby boy or girl is joining the family:

  • Take a picture of your current boy holding a blue balloon, then have a sonogram photograph beside him attached to a pink balloon; make the photo black and white everywhere except the balloons to give it an extra special effect
  • Take a photo of your current kids painting your white t-shirt with blue or pink paint to indicate the gender of your next child
  • Take a photo of your current kids holding your pregnant tummy, or leaving blue or pink handprints on your tummy
  • Keep it simple: take a professional photo of your family with a sign saying, “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”
  • Take a video of your kids opening a box of pink or blue helium-filled balloons

These are great ideas if you’re not planning a gender reveal party – and you just want to reveal the gender in a creative way on Facebook, an emailed photograph, or other social media. For the rest of this article, however, we’re going to assume you’re holding a gender reveal party.

Get your Kids to Open Boxes of Balloons at your Party

Your kids are excited to learn the biological sex of their future sibling. Get them involved in the action by having them open boxes of helium-filled blue or pink balloons in front of the party. It’s a race to see who can open the box first!

Have your Kids Pop Helium-Filled Balloons to Reveal Pink or Blue Confetti

This is another exciting way to reveal the gender of your future child – although it can be a little dangerous, especially if you have younger kids. Have your kids pop confetti-filled balloons filled with blue or pink confetti.

To make this even more interesting, you could have 20 balloons at your party that aren’t filled with confetti, but only one balloon filled with confetti. Your kids keep popping balloons until they find the one that reveals the gender of their sibling.

Get your Kids to Help Bake the Cake or Cupcakes

Get your kids involved in the reveal and teach them a little about baking at the same time. Have your kids help you bake the gender-revealing cakes or cupcakes.

If you don’t want to reveal the gender to your kids at the baking stage, then bake a round of blue and pink cakes or cupcakes. Then, just bring out the correct dessert once you’re ready to reveal the gender. Your kids can say they helped bake the special cake.

Water Gun Fight

Have everyone dress up in white, cheap clothes and get ready to make a mess. Fill water guns with blue or pink-colored water (or even paint, if you’re feeling adventurous). Then, give the water guns to your kids. When the big moment comes, tell them to start firing away at you or other party guests. The blue or pink spray will quickly tell guests – and your kids – the gender of your child.

Have your Kids Help Decorate

Planning a gender reveal party takes a bit of work. You need to hang up blue and pink decorations, buy supplies, bake appetizers, and do all of the other usual party planning activities.

Involve your Pet

Your pet will be excited to have a new baby girl or boy in the family! Dogs are great for gender reveal parties – especially if your dog is your only kid. Technically, your dog is getting a new sibling. Here are a few ways to involve your dog in its new sibling’s gender reveal party:

  • Have your dog eat a dog-friendly cake in front of the party to reveal blue or pink frosting inside
  • Tie a blue or pink ribbon onto your dog, then open the door to let the dog outside into your backyard, or into the main room of the party; your dog won’t know what’s going on, but everyone will be excited to greet your dog
  • Take a photo of your dog with blue or pink balloons tied above its head
  • Cover your dog’s paws in blue or pink paint, then have them walk around on a white sheet in your backyard or your home

By following the tips above, you can plan the perfect gender reveal idea with siblings!



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