Having a baby is a big deal. Having two babies is an even bigger deal. How should you make your gender reveal announcement? What’s the best way to reveal the gender of your twins? Keep reading to find out the best gender reveal ideas for twins.

Use Pink and Blue Paint in a Photograph

You don’t have to plan an extravagant gender reveal announcement for twins. Keep it simple. Grab a white t-shirt, get blue and pink paint, then make two handprints on your shirt. If you’re having a boy and a girl, then mix up the colors. If you’re having two boys or two girls, use the same color. Post the picture on social media – and that’s it. You’ve announced your twins to the world.

Fill a Box with Balloons

People will probably already know that you’re having twins. Grab a cardboard box, label it with something that says, “Boys or girls or both”. Then, fill the box with blue or pink balloons (or both) filled with helium. Whether you’re at a gender reveal party, or you’re just filming it for social media, it makes for an exciting and dramatic announcement as the balloons float up into the sky.

Alternatively, fill two different boxes – one for each twin.

Team Blue, Team Pink, or Team Yellow

When you blend blue and pink together, you get the color yellow. If you’re having a traditional gender reveal party, then you typically ask people what team they’re on as they walk in: Team Blue, Team Pink, or Team Yellow. Have people cast their ballot when they arrive at your party. Tally up the votes. Award prizes to whoever is right.

To take this idea a step further, plan games around the teams. You can have three-way faceoffs in different games, for example. Hold a tournament and see who wins. Give out prizes.

Fill Balloons with Confetti

This one works for gender reveal parties, or for social media reveals for twins. Fill a balloon with helium and confetti, then pop it to reveal the gender. You get bonus points if you manage to fill up the balloons with helium and confetti without discovering the gender yourself!

If you’re holding a gender reveal party, then you can give everyone a balloon to pop simultaneously. You can do this by filling up every balloon with confetti. Or, just fill up one balloon with confetti and wait for someone to pop that balloon before celebrating.

Two Cakes

Cake reveals are particularly popular – and they work well for twins. That way, each parent can cut into the cake simultaneously to reveal the color inside. You can stand side by side at the front of the room in front of guests at your gender reveal party. Or, you can take a photo for social media.

One Cake

If you’re a talented baker, or know a good baker nearby, then you can use one cake to reveal twins. Bake a cake with one color on each side, for example, or with blue and pink frosting on the inside.

For clarity’s sake, however, two cakes typically works better for twins. You’re having two separate babies – so you should have two separate cakes.

Silly String

Grab pink or blue silly string (or both). Wrap the silly string with black tape to ensure you can’t see the color of the silly string. Then, start spraying the silly string over one another or over your guests. You can film the video and upload it on social media. Or, use this as part of your gender reveal party.

Silly string twin reveals work really well if you already have kids. Kids love silly string. You can incorporate younger friends or relatives into the fun as well.


Piñatas are a great way to tell the world you’re having twins. Bash two piñatas with the different colors inside. Or, bash one piñata and have a combination of colors (or one color, if your twins are the same gender). A piñata works well for a couple, but it’s also great if you already have kids. Just like with silly string, kids will love to join in the fun.

Water Guns

Whether you use water balloons or water guns, water is a great way to introduce your twins to the world. Fill the water guns with diluted blue or pink paint (or pink or blue-dyed water). Then, grab some white t-shirts and start spraying each other. One gun has the gender of the one baby, while the other gun has the gender of the other. Film the event, or spray each other in front of guests at your gender reveal party. Get everyone to wear white clothing so they can join in the fun.

Using the tips above, you can make an unforgettable gender reveal for your upcoming twins.

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