So you found out you’re pregnant, and you’re looking for creative ways to announce your pregnancy. Today, we’re featuring the best pregnancy announcement ideas you can use today – including pregnancy announcements that have been popular for decades and pregnancy announcements that have been trending in recent years on social media.

Get your Pet Involved

Do you have a cute pet? Was your dog your first “child”? If so, then it’s fun to involve your pet in a pregnancy announcement. Take a picture of your dog with a sign around his neck saying, “I’m going to be a big brother”, for example, along with the expected arrival date. Or, if you’re being dramatic, tie a sign to your dog’s neck and call him into a room filled with your family and friends. Your dog will love the attention – and your friends and family will love the creativity.

Take a Picture of Ordinary Objects

Some of the most-shared pregnancy announcements on social media in recent years have involved turning innocent, ordinary objects into pregnancy announcements.

We’ve seen couples take a photo of themselves riding a tandem bicycle with a smaller, empty tricycle trailing behind. We’ve seen people use multiple paper clips to indicate a pregnancy. You can use baby shoes, hockey sticks, cups, plates, clothes, or whatever your hobbies and passions may be. Your friends know what your hobbies and passions are, and they expect your kid to follow in your footsteps. Build a pregnancy announcement based off that theme.

Involve your Kids

If you already have children, then a pregnancy announcement is even easier. Have your kids holding up signs welcoming their new baby brother or sister to the family. One popular option if you have two kids is to have your oldest kid holding a sign saying “Oldest” and then have your youngest kid holding a sign that says “Youngest”; cross out “Youngest” and write “Middle” underneath and you have a shareable pregnancy announcement your friends and family will love. There are other reveal you can do.

Other pregnancy announcements involving kids could include writing your announcement on a sidewalk with chalk, then taking a picture of your kid beside the chalk to welcome the new sibling.

Take a Photo of You and Your Partner Reading a Kids’ Book

Have your kid read a book called “How to Be a Big Brother”. Get a copy of the Berenstain Bears’ book, “New Baby” and take a picture of you and your partner reading that book. There’s a Dr. Seuss book called, “Are You My Mother?” that’s also popular for pregnancy announcement photos.

Holiday-Themed Announcement Ideas

Whatever time of year your baby will be born, it will probably be close to a certain holiday. This works really well for some holidays. If you’re having a baby in late December, then it’s easy to add a Christmas or New Year’s Eve theme to your pregnancy announcement. If you’re having an Easter baby, take a picture of eggs announcing your new baby. You could have big eggs for the whole family, and then one smaller egg to signify your new baby.

We’ve also seen Halloween-themed announcements, where you have big pumpkins for the whole family, then a smaller pumpkin for your new baby. Name the pumpkins, then post the photo.

Write Names and Dates in the Sand, Dirt, Grass, or Backyard

One easy way to announce a pregnancy is to use natural objects to indicate a date. Draw “Arriving December 2018” in the sand on the beach, for example, or write it out with leaves in your backyard. Write out the date with branches while you’re on a hike, or move stones into position to indicate the pregnancy. This is a great way to announce a pregnancy if you live in a scenic area, or if you’re really proud of your local area and its natural surroundings.

The Kissing Couple Reveal

This one is a classic for social media reveals. Take a picture of you and your partner kissing over a baby object – like a pacifier, a crib, a cot, or something similar. It’s a cute, romantic, and obvious way to tell everyone what you’re announcing. To make it extra obvious, have a chalkboard announcing the date of arrival.

You Can Share the Above Photos on Social Media, or Print Them Off and Send to Friends and Family

Many of the above ideas are perfect for social media. You can take the photo, upload it, and watch the reactions pour in. However, you don’t have to announce the news via social media right away. Some people will take the photo, then send it to friends and family the old fashioned way – by printing it off and mailing it. Once your grandparents and other loved ones have received the news, you can inform the rest of your social network via social media. It’s a great way to take your awesome Facebook photo while still informing friends and family in a thoughtful way.

Throw a Party

Invite your friends and family over for a party. Or, invite everyone out for dinner. When your friends, family, and loved ones are all gathered into a room, you can make the annouhttps://bumpreveal.comncement together. It’s a cute, special, and memorable way to tell everyone about the big news.

Leave the Pregnancy Test Out

This is one of the easiest ways to tell anyone about a pregnancy. Whether it’s a boyfriend, a husband, a roommate, or your best friends, grandparents, a positive pregnancy test on the table makes it pretty obvious.

Of course, other people just take a picture of a positive pregnancy test and post it on social media. It’s up to you. Keep in mind that your friends may not want to handle something you peed on while they’re eating lunch – so time your announcement carefully.

Celebrate Father’s Day or Mother’s Day

This one works really well if it’s May or June – and it works best if it’s your first child. Celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day for the first time ever. Buy a card, bake a cake, bake a cupcake, or exchange gifts. They may look confused as to why you’re celebrating the holiday, but they’ll figure it out soon enough.

Personalized Foods and Beverages

Whether it’s a personalized bottle of whisky labeled “Grandpa” or a cupcake with “Daddy” labeled on it, food and alcohol makes it easy to announce a pregnancy.


Guitar Pick

Is your family musical? A guitar pick is a cute and creative way to tell your husband about a pregnancy. Guitar picks are easy to write on. You can write a message like, “Soon To Be Dad” on the guitar pick, then give it to him the next time he starts to play. This is a memento he’ll keep forever. He may even write a song about that special moment. This one works particularly well for expectant fathers, but it can be adapted to multiple family members.

Follow the tips listed above for the best pregnancy announcement ideas!



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