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We started this website to help young couples like us prepare for their bundles of joy, so please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Our names are Jay and Charlotte. We met while competing in our university’s school of business contest for young entrepreneurs. I, Charlotte, was majoring in design and had come up with a business plan for my own studio. Jay had come up with an idea for marketing local artists, craftsmen, and designers.  One of the professors on the board told us our ideas would work very well together, and that is how we ended up talking. Before we knew it, we were head over heels for each other!

After we graduated college, we went backpacking in Europe where Jay proposed outside the Victoria and Albert museum of design in London. (He knows me so well!) We got steady jobs back in the States and started planning to start a family, but we were never able to let go of that entrepreneurial spirit. It kept calling for us to forge our own path in life until finally we decided to run with it. We struck out on our own, started multiple successful businesses, and have been living our dream ever since. came into being as we took the big steps in life to have kids. We did a lot of research to know when and if we were ready and what to expect, but it was hard to find quality, updated information on the web. The more we read, the more we realized how much modern parenting has changed even from articles you find dated five to ten years ago. So we started BumpReveal to provide the latest information, studies and techniques that are relevant to young couples today.

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