About this blog

BumpReveal aims to bring sanity and clarity to modern pregnancy and parenting.

So much has changed since our parents raised their families, and yet so much of the outdated advice is the same. Even the whole idea of a ‘gender reveal’ is new to our generation, which is why it serves as the name basis for our mission. Balloons, Box Reviews, Confetti poppers, and baseball reviews, there are plenty of ways to reveal the gender of a baby.

We are entering a whole new era of what it means to balance work and family, stay within budget, and still have fun making lifelong memories with our kids.

We hope this website helps you learn how to make the most of those precious moments from pregnancy to teenage years as you engage in creative, adventurous and fun activities while boldly facing the challenges of raising a family in the twenty-first century.

Chief editor

Hello! My name is Charlotte, and I am the section chief editor and co-founder of BumpReveal alongside Jay, my husband of seven years. I own a bustling design studio by day, but by night I’m feeding my endless interest in all things pregnancy and parenthood.

As an entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to stress and worry about how you’ll balance family, work and other responsibilities, but I promise it’s all doable with the right attitude and a little bit of planning!

As section chief editor, I’m interested in finding and sharing information about modern pregnancy and parenting, particularly for others in our generation who face time and money challenges.

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